Welcome to the Iceberg Man Gallery

Over the years Cecil Stockley, proprietor of the Iceberg Shop and Twillingate Island Boat Tours, has gained the title "The Iceberg Man".  If you visit the "Iceberg Man Gallery" at the Iceberg Shop you will certainly get a deeper appreciation for that title. Take a look a some of the awesome photos below, which he has photographed over the years.
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The walls of the Iceberg Man Gallery are filled with tastefully framed images of awesome icebergs as seen through the eyes of the Iceberg Man.


The photos below, along with many others, are available
in various sizes and framings at the Iceberg Man Gallery
located at the lower level of the Iceberg Shop.

Typical Icebergs, seen from
M.V. Iceberg Alley


Iceberg in Spillard's Cove

Iceberg in
Spillard's Cove

Iceberg with

Iceberg Trio


Iceberg at Dusk


in Iceberg

Majestic Beauty

All Photos Copyright of Twillingate Island Boat Tours Ltd.   2002


       A View of

 Iceberg Man Gallery  

This wall supplies

Iceberg Interpretative Information


                        All about Icebergs



Notice the wood work at floor level, in the corner of the building.

"Ships Knees" reflect the type of craftsmanship common to the era of construction.