Twillingate Island Boat Tours Ltd.

Twillingate, Newfoundland, Canada



    "Not only is Twillingate noted for its numerous icebergs, it boasts one of Canada's most beautiful coastlines. Chase the pavement to the end, I was told, and you will come to Twillingate. It may as well been chase the rainbow, because on this summer day Twillingate was a fairy-mix of land and sea" ...........
                                                                         Percy Rowe - Toronto Sun

Cruise the scenic waters around Twillingate Island aboard the MV Iceberg Alley.

Whales such as humpback, minke and finback, Atlantic Dolphins and seals may be seen during your Twillingate Island Boat Tour. You will see native sea birds like terns, black quillenot, kittewakes, seagulls, puffins, murres, and shearwaters.

M. V. Iceberg Alley passes by a Colony of Kittiwakes


Tour Schedule

Morning Tour

Departs 9:30am Returns 11:30 am

Afternoon Tour 1

Departs 1:00 pm   Returns 3:00 pm

Afternoon Tour 2

Departs 4:00pm   Returns 6:00pm

Sunset Charter Tour available on request



boatb.JPG (9008 bytes)

MV Iceberg Alley off Twillingate


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People enjoying a close up view of an iceberg near Twillingate.

icebergmanb.JPG (12536 bytes)

Follow the 'Iceberg Man" for 1 Kilometer
















M. V. Iceberg Alley docks at the wharf
outside the Iceberg Shop


Orca Whales frolicking Twillingate waters in August

Takin' a Cruise

Relaxing Swim

Takin' a Dive



The beautiful tail
of a humpback


People enjoying the sights aboard M. V. Iceberg Alley